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Accelus Audit Manager

Accelus Audit Manager increases the productivity of the entire audit management process, including risk assessment, planning, scheduling, preparation, review, report generation, global issue tracking and administration. This empowers you to focus on what really matters – understanding and communicating how your organization can improve its controls and processes.

Accelus BoardLink

BoardLink is designed to enable our clients to manage the quarterly business activities of the board, stay up to date on the latest business news and regulatory changes, manage multiple layers of risk, and optimize board performance.

Accelus Client On-Boarding (GoldTier)

Faster and more cost effective than in-house client on-boarding solutions, Accelus Client On-Boarding (GoldTier) automates the on-boarding of new clients and facilitates compliance with regulatory demands and KYC, AML, CFT and PEP due diligence.

Accelus Compliance Manager

Accelus Compliance Manager enables you to effectively manage the impact of compliance risk on your organization. Clients can track regulatory change, assign action plans, and manage associated policies and controls. ACM’s connected approach brings a new perspective on the impact of the regulatory environment to business strategy decisions.

Accelus Conflicts Compliance

Accelus Conflicts Compliance automates the monitoring and management of conflicts of interest and code of conduct issues within firms, including monitoring employees' personal trading, detecting potential insider dealing, monitoring gifts and entertainment, political contributions, and employee attestations and disclosures.

Accelus Enhanced Due Diligence (IntegraScreen Reports)

Used by organizations globally to enhance and simplify the due diligence process and protect against reputation damage, IntegraScreen Reports form part of a best practice, risk based approach to due diligence. Their rapid turnaround and low cost contribute toward a considerable saving in time and money.

Accelus Internal Controls Manager

Accelus Internal Controls Manager enables organizations to implement an effective internal controls framework and create a unified view of controls across the enterprise, providing a unique perspective on current business challenges. Accelus Internal Controls Manager captures information such as incidents, indicators, assessment responses and action management in a flexible and connected way....

Accelus Org ID KYC Managed Service

Accelus Org ID brings together financial institutions and their clients by facilitating the provision of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements in one easy, managed service environment.

Accelus Policy Manager

Thomson Reuters Accelus provides an end-to-end solution for your policy management needs, from automated tracking of the regulatory changes that matter to your organization to the evidencing of policy reading and acceptance.

Accelus Regulatory Intelligence

Accelus Regulatory Intelligence delivers a focused view of the global regulatory environment, empowering compliance professionals to make well-informed decisions to manage regulatory risk with confidence using the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence available.