Accelus Disclosures Manager helps you meet XBRL and disclosure transparency challenges with market leading consulting, filing services and software.
  • XBRL and EDGAR conversion and filing software
  • Roll data forward in minutes, not hours
  • Support multiple-user collaboration
  • Accurate, compliant and on time filings

When you choose Accelus Disclosures Manager, you have the flexibility to choose the type of solution that works best for you. You can partner with our Certified Public Accountants and filing teams or maintain your processes in-house by converting, processing and filing using our external reporting software. Both options are supported by our expert consulting teams.

Customer First Guidance and Delivery

Whether you choose to partner with our full-service consulting solution or maintain your processes in-house, you will always be guided by your Customer First Team, a cross-functional team comprising Customer First Advisors, CPA Consultants and Technical Specialists. Each Customer First Team is aligned by industry to provide the domain expertise most valuable to you and your organization.

Know Your Exposures

Now, more than ever, it’s important to know your exposures when filing with the SEC. Companies are wondering how new SEC and FASB developments will impact them and what new risks they will face with each new quarter. This makes it imperative that you work with a partner you can trust. Your Customer First Team, designed to give you industry-specific expertise, has the knowledge to guide you and ensure that you have an accurate and complete understanding of the SEC’s XBRL requirements.

Additionally, Accelus Disclosures Manager is the only disclosures solution that provides market-leading filing software and seamlessly migrates your filing from your in-house team to our full-service offering if you encounter unforeseen circumstances that could jeopardize your ability to file on time. In effect, our Customer First Teams of expert XBRL professionals can give you the peace of mind to comply with confidence, knowing that your filing efforts are backed by the best customer support in the industry. Rest assured: your SEC disclosures will be filed accurately and on time.

Collaborate with Your Team

The process of preparing disclosures often involves many people, both within your company and with your provider. Coordination can become complicated. Accelus Disclosures Manager changes all that by providing a secure, 24/7 service center that tracks your documents at all times. If any member of your team uploads a file, everyone on the project is instantly notified. Similarly, all relevant parties are notified as soon as documents are ready for review.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Single source XBRL and EDGAR conversion and filing software

Streamlines your filing process by allowing you to make XBRL and EDGAR edits in a single application, saving you time and resources. Last-minute edits flow seamlessly, resulting in fewer errors.

Unparalleled 24/7 technical support, with expert guidance from leading consultants

Your Customer First Team will guide you through your filing experience. This cross-functional team comprises Customer First Advisors, Consultants and Technical Specialists and allows us to be highly responsive in meeting your unique needs. Each Customer First Team is aligned by industry in order to provide specific expertise to our customers.

The consultant assigned to your team will be highly trained in the SEC’s XBRL requirements and can help you organize your process, assist you with changes to your taxonomy, answer any questions you may have and much more, including:

  • Selecting standard and custom elements for initial taxonomy
  • Performing taxonomy maintenance diagnostics to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Validating and addressing calculation issues and test filing errors
  • Upgrading to new approved taxonomies
  • Assessing how disclosures are written and how to optimize for XBRL ease
  • Report mapping cross-references to values in notes to ensure consistency and accuracy
Industry-leading training and implementation

As part of Accelus Disclosures Manager, you will receive training and implementation guidance. A specialist will direct you step-by-step through the filing process as well as assist you in software setup, document consultation, hands-on training, follow-up review sessions and more.

A secure information portal

Accelus Disclosures Manager is a secure, customized online service center that enables 24/7 collaboration with the Disclosure Solutions team and your in-house colleagues. Your site is customized and includes a personalized URL, technical support information, workflow actions and email alerts.

  • Draft, review, and revise any collection of content groups by easily exporting from the PROFILE filing software into the Word and Excel applications you already use.
  • Effortlessly import all revised content back into the PROFILE project.
  • No loss or rework of document or spreadsheet content, or of XBRL mapping and tagging through revision cycles.
Automatic updating

Accelus Disclosures Manager automatically updates to comply with the latest SEC mandates, ensuring that you are always compliant.

Storing of filer profiles and filing history

The system stores filer profiles and filing history, eliminating rekeying, reducing mistakes and drastically simplifying future filings and amendments.

Roll forward data between form types

Roll forward data from 10-Q to 10-K to 10-Q, while preserving mapping and tagging. Categorize content and XBRL roles as belonging to your 10-Q or 10-K filings, and customize the categorization to fit your needs.

Real-time reviewing

Allows direct distribution of proofs to others for review, rather than going through a third party. This makes the entire process faster and less error-prone.

  • Save, manage, and compare HTML versions for all 200+ EDGAR form types
  • Generate enhanced HTML and PDF proofs, blacklined for differences between versions
Version Compare and HTML Blacklining

Focus your attention only on what’s changed as you move through multiple revision cycles.

  • Easily generate blacklined PDF proofs or interactive HTML documents to accelerate your review and revision process.
  • Embedded navigation tools in your HTML document make it easy to navigate from between changes.
Control of the whole process from start to finish

With no third-party involvement, you are not subject to a provider’s resources, personnel or limited hours.


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Product Name

Product Benefits

Disclosure Solutions PROFILE

For companies that file in-house, Accelus Disclosure Solutions PROFILE takes the pain out of managing multiple processes by delivering a single source XBRL and EDGAR document for filing.

The most powerful and sophisticated disclosure software available, backed by the strongest support in the industry, Disclosure Solutions PROFILE drastically reduces the work and worry associated with SEC filings.

In addition to the PROFILE software, you will also receive Disclosure Solutions PROSHARE, a customized online service center and PROLAUNCH a unique training system to guide you through using PROFILE.

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Disclosure Solutions PROLAUNCH

Thomson Reuters Disclosure Solutions PROLAUNCH is a training and implementation program that includes everything you need to quickly and accurately file with the SEC EDGAR System.

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Disclosure Solutions PROSERVE

Accelus Disclosure Solutions PROSERVE is our unique combination of market leading XBRL consulting and XBRL/EDGAR filing services.

Our consultants are experienced accountants and CPAs who will guide you through the process of preparing your disclosures.

Our filing service team works closely with you to deliver a predictable, dependable filing experience every time, and your Customer First Team will always be there to guide you through your filing experience.

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Disclosure Solutions PROSHARE

Thomson Reuters Accelus Disclosure Solutions PROSHARE is a secure, customized online service center that enables 24x7 collaboration with the Disclosure Solutions team, your in-house colleagues and outside advisors. Your site is customized just for you and includes a personalized URL, support contact information, workflow actions and email alerts so you know as soon as your documents are ready.

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Complete, review and file standardized SEC forms securely online in minutes

The EDGARforms™ system is a secure, web-based solution that gives you the ability to efficiently self-file standardized SEC form types directly with the SEC in minutes. EDGARforms is easy to learn and use. The interface is intuitive and offers a straight forward end-to end workflow. In addition, there's guidance at every step of the process from file creation to building a submission; completing the form to your acceptance notification from the SEC. The EDGARforms system is the original online filing solution and remains the longest running solution on the market.

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