Accelus eLearning provides practical, interactive, customizable and cost-effective compliance training programs, which assist in changing behavior and supporting a culture of integrity.
  • More than 300 ethics and compliance courses delivered in over 42 different languages
  • Optimizes the management, tracking and reporting of risk and compliance training content
  • Updated in response to key regulatory developments
  • Sophisticated data analytics feed into risk assessment capabilities and board reporting tools
  • Full audit trail for regulatory compliance and reporting
  • An essential part of your ongoing compliance and risk program

The right information to support you through regulatory change

Our content is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence which tracks over 400 regulators and exchanges globally.  Our courses are continually updated in response to regulatory and legislative changes, empowering you to act in a confident way in a complex world.

Engage your employees and effect change

We employ instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, enabling your business to educate in a way that reduces risk and encourages compliant behavior.  Our courses are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios to ensure users truly understand and recognize the risk and compliance issues of most importance to your business and learn to instinctively act to support them.

Grow a culture of compliance

We can assist you in moving past a ‘check the box’ approach to training, towards a truly ongoing commitment to staff education and the enablement of a culture of compliance.  Our Learning Management System (LMS) gives you access to detailed reporting and analytics, allowing you to easily identify knowledge gaps.  This data-driven approach empowers you to tailor your compliance training program to more effectively manage risk and protect your business. 

Take the worry out of technology and the administration out of training

Our learning management system is optimized for compliance and provides a truly scalable approach to training.  And as access is web-based, it requires minimal technology resource investment.  It is intuitive and easy-to-use, and optimizes the deployment, management, tracking and reporting of your compliance and risk training program from start to finish.  Our courses can also be hosted on any SCORM-compliant 3rd party system.

Demonstrate compliance, every time

As senior management and regulators demand a greater level of visibility into reporting on compliance efforts, traditional methods of manual record-keeping are becoming less effective.  Our learning management system can record full details of all types of training, including our own courses, internally-run initiatives and 3rd-party courses, providing a comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate training compliance, every time.

We understand that one size does not necessarily fit all

As well as providing a full catalog of market-ready courses, we can also customize our existing courses to include the information of most relevance to your business, or build courses from scratch to meet your exact specifications on any governance, risk and compliance topic. This personalized approach enables your business to educate in a way that meets your compliance and risk objectives.

Additional content and technology from experts in the industry

We enhance our course catalogue with technology and content from leading experts and learning providers in the industry.

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A global solution

Courses are tailored to fit the regulatory requirements of your country or region, are available in over 42 different languages, and are fully customizable and scalable to fit the educational objectives set by your business.  We have delivered training to more than 2,000 training clients and 2,000,000 users globally. 

Continually updated content

Courses are continually updated to reflect recent enforcement cases, the latest changes in laws and regulations, and new learning design trends.  This enables you to educate in a more proactive and engaging way on developments impacting your business.

Satisfies regulator requirements

Our learning management system Accelus Learning Manager has been optimized for risk and compliance training.  Superior reporting capabilities assist in identifying knowledge gaps, enabling your business to deliver additional training where required to minimize conduct risk.  Accelus Learning Manager also provides a full audit trail to demonstrate training compliance to senior management and the regulator.

Fully customizable

All courses within our catalog can be customized to fit your business requirements.  We can also develop courses based on your existing training materials or build learning from scratch.

Streamlined implementation and delivery

With web-based access and minimal technical requirements for delivery, courses can be quickly implemented to deliver the right content at the right time to mitigate the risk of compliance breaches. Courses can be hosted on Accelus Learning Manager, or on SCORM-compliant 3rd-party systems.

Case Study

Leading Provider of International Payment Processing Services Turns to Thomson Reuters for a Fully Automated Training Solution

PacNet Services traded spreadsheets and hours of manual processing for a full audit trail, automation and ease-of-use.

Case Study

Southern California Community Clinic Partners with Thomson Reuters Accelus to Improve HIPAA Compliance Training in 19 Health Centers

In a complex healthcare environment, protecting the privacy and security of patient information is a challenging priority. A community clinic in Southern California supports a culture of integrity and compliance with a comprehensive solution, Accelus eLearning, featuring sought after California-specific HIPAA courses with high quality content.


The FCA: A Game Changer for Company Training

This whitepaper discusses the implications of the new financial regulatory framework set up in the United Kingdom in April 2013 for company training. The paper outlines the establishment of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).