Thomson Reuters Accelus is a proven partner in delivering engaging, comprehensive, cost-effective training programs. We have delivered courses in over 30 different languages to more than 500 training clients and 600,000 users globally.
  • Customizable content to fit your exact business requirements
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance at every level
  • Training that engages your employees
  • A comprehensive portfolio of topics

Ensure that your employees have the right information to make compliant decisions and protect your business from risk with Thomson Reuters Accelus eLearning. We offer practical, interactive, training courses, designed to assist in changing behavior and supporting a culture of integrity and compliance.

  • Enable your employees to understand their compliance responsibilities
  • Optimize the management, tracking and reporting of your compliance and risk content
  • Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches and protect the value of your reputation
  • Demonstrate training compliance at every level

Engage your employees

Our courses drive active learning and assist with information retention, whilst promoting a thorough understanding of the subjects which are most crucial to your business. We use an interactive format and real-life examples that enable employees to recognize potential situations or issues and respond appropriately.

We have also partnered with True Office to bring you innovative game-based compliance training which provides a fun and engaging experience for employees, while providing advanced insight and actionable data on risks and knowledge gaps.

  • Coverage of the topics of most significance to your business
  • Practical scenarios that are easy to relate to
  • Interactive format to engage users
  • Innovative technology

Content to fit your exact business requirements

We offer a range of training options to assist you in achieving your organizational objectives and ensuring compliance.

  • Market-Ready Courses

    We have a comprehensive catalog of eLearning courses covering a wide range of topics in categories such as:

    • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Governance and Risk Management
    • Induction and Personal Conduct
    • Market Conduct and Fraud
    • Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security

    Our market-ready courses are tailored to fit the regulatory requirements of your country or region, are available in multiple languages, and are fully customizable and scalable to fit the educational objectives set by your business.

  • Customized Market-Ready Courses

    We will work with you to select one of our existing market-ready courses and personalize it to make it more relevant to your business. We can update any aspect of the course to meet your requirements including:

    • Adding your branding
    • Inserting links to your company policies and/or procedures
    • Tailoring scenarios, content and case studies to your industry or business
    • Creating quizzes to test on the areas of most importance to your organization
  • Custom-Built Courses

    We can also create courses to your exact specifications on any topic relevant to your business. For training on any facets of governance, risk and compliance, we can leverage our in-house content experts or you may choose to provide the content yourself. If you would like courses on topics outside our areas of expertise, we will work with an expert provided by you to produce high-quality training to educate your workforce.

Quick and Effective Implementation and Delivery

With web-based access and minimal technical requirements for delivery, we can quickly implement your new training courses so that you can deliver the right content at the right time to educate your staff and mitigate the risk of compliance breaches. Courses can be hosted on our learning management system, Accelus Learning Manager, or on 3rd-party systems.

  • Web-based access
  • Minimal technical requirements for delivery
  • Innovative learning management system
  • Courses can be hosted on 3rd-party systems

Demonstrate compliance at every level

Our learning management system, Accelus Learning Manager, features a number of key innovations to ensure high completion rates and maximum knowledge-retention, as well as providing a comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate regulatory compliance. With web-based access and minimal technical requirements for delivery, we can quickly implement your new training courses so that you can deliver the right content at the right time to educate your staff and mitigate the risk of compliance breaches.

  • An integral part of your wider compliance program
  • Ensure high completion rates and maximum knowledge-retention
  • Take the administration out of your training programs
  • A full audit trail to demonstrate compliance to senior management and the regulator

Our eLearning Partners

Following a recent acquisition, we now offer a new range of compliance courses, with more than 100 high-quality, attorney-authored courses, supported in 42 languages.

We have also partnered with revolutionary providers of innovative game-based compliance and regulatory training True Office, world-leading law firm Clifford Chance, US Regulator FINRA, and the UK's leading supplier of integrated professional support service solutions Capita Plc, to provide you with further training solutions to meet your business needs.

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Key Features

Key Benefits

Highly customizable content

Using either custom-built courses or altered Thomson Reuters Accelus courses, you can offer your employees engaging content that meets their specific learning and development needs. You can also incorporate your in-house policies and procedures to ensure that your staff are completely aware of their responsibilities.

Comprehensive course portfolio

Courses are available on a wide range of topics in categories such as Induction and Awareness, Financial Crime, Business Conduct and Governance and Risk Management. Additionally, our courses are tailored by geographic region and are available for the UK and Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Sophisticated Learning Management System

Accelus Learning Manager allows you to track and report on user progress; provide full management reporting; automatically update courses when regulatory developments affect your training; set up groups and users based on organizational structure; manage training records and quickly and easily scale your training programs.

Engaging courses with real-life examples

Our interactive courses drive active learning and, ultimately, retention and understanding, providing up-to-the-minute regulatory information and examples that are easy to recognize and relate to.

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