Thomson Reuters Accelus provides an end-to-end solution for your policy management needs, from automated tracking of the regulatory changes that matter to your organization to the evidencing of policy reading and acceptance.
  • A policy management solution used by a range of organizations globally
  • Driven by Thomson Reuters award-winning regulatory and custom content
  • Tailored to your organization by our top-class professional services team
  • Designed to support a best practice approach to policy management

In today’s dynamic operating environment, organizations need a connected approach to capturing potential changes to internal policies and a simplified method of implementing those changes. Thomson Reuters Accelus Policy Manager delivers this in one easy-to-use solution, which can save you time and money and significantly reduce your compliance risk.

Reduce Risk Around Policy Change

Thomson Reuters Accelus Policy Manager offers compliance professionals an enterprise-wide solution that removes the cost and burden associated with policy management and directly connects internal policies to external regulatory rulebooks. Many organizations have implemented Accelus Policy Manager and have benefited from:

  • Increased effectiveness in tracking rule changes that impact policies
  • Enhanced policy change management workflows across their organization
  • Improved ability to evidence policy change implementation to key stakeholders
  • Reduced compliance risk and regulatory risk
  • The ability to redeploy key compliance staff to shareholder value-enhancing tasks

An Effective Policy Management Workflow

The velocity of regulatory change means that alterations to internal policies and the embedding of those changes in the organization’s culture can no longer be a series of “one-off” projects handled by desktop tools such as email and spreadsheets. The direct connection between rule changes and policies in Accelus Policy Manger reduces lag time between rule changes and compliant behavior. It also helps to reduce your organization’s exposure to compliance risk, since rule changes are automatically emailed to the relevant compliance team members in real time, alerting them that action is required.

The record keeping function within Policy Manager provides immediate insight into who has read an updated policy, thereby presenting a full evidence trail of policy acceptance and adoption. This highly auditable approach ensures effective supervision and effortless evidencing to the regulator.

  • Never miss a rule development
  • Link internal policies to external rule changes
  • Create roles and responsibilities for creating, editing and managing policies
  • Evidence historical and current versions of policy content
  • Automate reports and chaser emails to prompt users and assist with supervision
  • Secure, hosted content with full disaster recovery

Connect Policy Management to GRC

Accelus Policy Manager is an integrated part of the Accelus portfolio of solutions, designed to help your organization drive a connected, value-enhancing approach to governance, risk and compliance as well as enterprise risk management. Benefits of an integrated, GRC-based approach include:

  • The ability to quickly and easily audit the policy management process
  • An enhanced ability to implement cultural change through policy acceptance
  • Reduced compliance and regulatory risk
  • An improved understanding of how policies impact risks, controls and processes

Key Features

Key Benefits

Link your internal polices to external rule developments

A direct link between your policy and the external rule reduces the chances of missing changes and helps to minimize the potential time that your organization is non-compliant with the rule.

Generates roles and responsibilities for creating, editing and managing policies

Integrated workflow ensures that the right users have access to review, amend and update policies in line with rule changes.

Provides a complete audit trail of who has read and understood a policy

A record keeping tool tracks users’ progress as they navigate through a policy, allowing the administrator to see who has read which policy down to the individual page or section – critical for regulatory compliance.

Automates reports and email chasers

Streamlines your processes to prompt users on outstanding issues and assist with supervision, ensuring that policies are updated in a timely manner in response to regulatory developments.

Secure, hosted content

You will be safe in the knowledge that your policy information is secure, with full disaster recovery.

Case Study

Heartland Bank select Thomson Reuters Accelus for their Transaction Monitoring requirements

Faced with increasing regulatory pressure, a leading New Zealand Bank with a wide network of branches needed to make improvements to their existing manual transaction monitoring process which was unable to report suspicious behavior tracking.


Connect | Simplify | Perform: Delivering a Unified Platform Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance

A connected approach to governance, risk and compliance is not just critical to regulatory compliance, it’s also good business practice. The Thomson Reuters Accelus suite streamlines processes and workflow, while connecting disparate silos to form a connected governance, risk and compliance strategy.


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