Accelus Regulatory Intelligence offers a range of proactive, connected and comprehensive solutions to track and analyze the regulatory changes that may impact your organization’s exposure to operational, regulatory and business risk.
  • Expert regulatory guidance
  • Search thousands of topics
  • Over 400 regulators and exchanges
  • Effective, systematic workflow
  • Direct data feed

Regulatory Research Simplified

Keeping abreast of changes in the seemingly endless torrent of pending legislation, not to mention newly enacted and existing regulations that affect your business, can be a daunting task. With regulations as varied as the jurisdictions enacting them and additional federal mandates, you need a solution that will enable you to identify, monitor and track any potentially troublesome regulatory changes, allowing you to anticipate risk opportunities and prepare for them with internal controls. Avoid the inconvenience, drain on management time and expense associated with non-compliance by simplifying and streamlining your regulatory research process with Accelus Regulatory Intelligence.

Dynamically Connected

Accelus Regulatory Intelligence serves as a single-source tool for accessing pending and enacted statutes, rules and regulations in a vast array of jurisdictions, as well as expert analysis and regulatory news. With our global coverage of more than 400 regulators and exchanges, you can track hundreds of regulatory events that affect your business.

The broad range of topical content within Accelus Regulatory Intelligence can be filtered and tailored to deliver only the most relevant and up-to-date information directly to those within your organization responsible for compliance. This allows you to make informed business decisions and put the necessary controls in place. By connecting regulatory developments with meaningful expert interpretation, your organization will spend less time searching for, analyzing and aggregating disparate information – and more time managing risk and adding value to the business.

Improved Performance

Corporate governance guidelines are becoming more onerous and the expectations of shareholders and investors are changing. Accelus Regulatory Intelligence delivers a comprehensive view of the complex and constantly changing regulatory landscape. On-demand survey building, alerts, data feeds, regulatory guidance summaries, topical searching and light workflow functionalities are all provided in one solution to ensure that your compliance team is equipped with the right tools to meet the tremendous challenge of managing an effective compliance program. By implementing the necessary controls to remain compliant and minimize risk, your organization can avoid reputational damage, fines and penalties.

Industry Specific Regulatory Intelligence

Accelus Regulatory Intelligence delivers the most relevant and up-to-date information for many of the most highly regulated industries.

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government affairs

Actionable Knowledge to Accelerate Your Business

Minimize your organization’s exposure to risk by providing your compliance team with the resources they need to access the right information as quickly as possible – saving time and money. Key stakeholders will have the knowledge they need to make decisions quickly and manage a compliance program that is proactively preparing for anticipated regulatory requirements.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Hosted regulatory rulebooks

Provides you with full access to past, current and future versions of official rules from global regulators, ensuring that you always remain compliant.

Automatic tracking and alerting

Includes tracking functionality that allows you to automatically keep on top of pending laws or regulations from across the globe and receive email alerts regarding any important developments related to them.

Powerful search functionality

Combines a powerful search engine, well-organized content and expert search assistance to ensure that you can quickly and easily find the content you need.

Flexible reporting

Provides you with the information you need most, on demand and in the format that best suits your needs. Reports include succinct listings summarizing the bill or regulation and recent or full activity and are available in multiple formats.

Regulatory Guidance

Expertly written, plain-English summaries give you access to the best guidance available so that you can immediately understand how a new law or regulation affects your business.

Comply with US regulation and legislation governing insurance policy cancellation/non-renewal

Each US state can have different requirements for language on a cancellation or non-renewal/conditional renewal notice: how it appears, where it appears and more. Requirements also vary by policy type, action required and type of action. The solution keeps up with changes to all these requirements and allows you to issue compliant notices - even if you lack complete, up-to-date knowledge of all applicable regulations or legislation.

A direct feed of regulatory information

In addition to accessing our content through a portal, you can also take a direct feed of data directly into your existing risk management system, inventory of rules or compliance portal, allowing your teams to continue to utilize their existing tools and workflows.

Case Study

Alfa Insurance Slices and Dices Reports with a On-Demand Enterprise GRC Solution from Thomson Reuters

Alfa Insurance looked to Thomson Reuters and Enterprise GRC to help solve their reporting woes. The flexiblity of Enterprise GRC and the on-demand delivery model proved to be a winning combination.


Connect | Simplify | Perform: Delivering a Unified Platform Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance

A connected approach to governance, risk and compliance is not just critical to regulatory compliance, it’s also good business practice. The Thomson Reuters Accelus suite streamlines processes and workflow, while connecting disparate silos to form a connected governance, risk and compliance strategy.


Foreign Business Partners Under the FCPA

The FCPA risk of engaging a Foreign Business Partner overseas is an increasing concern of US companies that do business internationally.


Multistate Examinations - Trends and Observations

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides state Departments of Insurance with a mechanism for conducting joint market conduct examinations of insurers and other regulated entities.


The Clearing Debate

Behind the G-20 commitments on the financial markets is the belief that some of the key dangers arising from the collapse of Lehman Brothers could be laid at the door of the bi-lateral over-the-counter market in derivatives.


Corporate Officer Accountability for Healthcare Fraud

Without question, the Departments of Justice and Health & Human Services are pursuing healthcare fraud more aggressively than ever before. Media reports of corporate officer arrests and high-value settlements are becoming more frequent.


The Global Conduct Risk Report 2013

Thomson Reuters Accelus’s first global survey of over 200 compliance and risk practitioners into the concept of conduct risk has identified distinct industry-wide trends against which firms can benchmark their own preparations.As well as providing deep insight into current industry thinking and practices, this global conduct risk survey report also seeks to uncover the uncertainty surrounding the concept of conduct risk. To assist firms to develop their approach, it suggests practical steps that firms can take to manage conduct risk.

Special Report

Culture - Tips for Internal Auditors

This special report is intended to help auditors analyze the risks and controls that organizations face and provide ideas to consider when developing their approach to auditing culture.

Product Name

Product Benefits

Capitol Watch

Capitol Watch helps you to identify, monitor and track pending regulations and bills with ease - whether State or Federal so that you can organize, search, track and create reports against key pending laws.

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Compliance Advisor

Compliance Advisor is a comprehensive solution for authoritative statutory and regulatory intelligence, analysis and updates.

With Compliance Advisor, you can quickly access the right information and ensure that you know the rules, how they could impact your organization and how you can achieve compliance. Plain-English summaries give you easy access to the best guidance on the developments most relevant to your organization.

Compliance Advisor is available in four industry-specific editions: Mortgage banking, Consumer banking, Insurance and Healthcare.

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Compliance Complete

Compliance Complete provides you with a 360° view of the compliance landscape, including exclusive news and analysis pieces, regulatory development tracking, a regulatory calendar, updates to rulebooks and practical guidance notes – all in one complete package.

Our custom taxonomy lets you track regulatory changes as they happen and links regulatory developments back to the underlying rulebooks, providing the up-to-date information needed to make decisions and put the necessary controls and policies in place.

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Compliance Complete UK Human Resource Edition

Access legal policies, letters, documents, best practices, and guidance notes featuring wording that suits FCA and PRA requirements covering a variety of subjects.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - Policy Terminator

Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition Policy Terminator lets you use the Web or your company’s intranet to ensure that you are issuing state-compliant notices to the insured – for cancellation, non-renewal or conditional renewal and reinstatement.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - State Rules and Regulations

Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition State Rules and Regulations will guide you through the complex and ever-changing maze of the US insurance market, ensuring that your organization knows and complies with current statutes and regulations.

It assists you in easily assessing the impact of newly enacted bills, adopted regulations and issued bulletins on your organization, whilst helping you coordinate and manage the entire implementation process.

State Rules and Regulations helps you to look in the right places, using the right search phrases to ensure that you only receive the information of most relevance to you. After you've found what you need, we store it and keep it updated, saving you time, money and resources.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - Track

Compliance Complete Track is a regulatory implementation and compliance-tracking tool that combines content and tracking capabilities to help compliance staff manage and implement the latest regulatory changes.

Compliance Complete Track helps legislative review analysts to assess the impact of newly enacted bills, adopted regulations and issued bulletins on your organization with ease. It further streamlines the coordination and management of the entire implementation process.

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Compliance Complete Recruitment Portal

Provides opportunities for financial recruitment firms to advertise, publish vacancies, and attract the best candidates from Thomson Reuters Accelus‘ global community of professionals.

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Direct Intelligence Service

Accelus Direct Intelligence Service (DIS) provides a live data connection between global regulatory rule developments and your firm’s risk management system. A daily data feed ensures that your risk and control systems always reflect the latest regulatory developments, allowing you to base risk and mitigation decisions on current and complete information.

With Accelus DIS, you can leverage your investment in your existing risk management systems, while ensuring that they always reflect the latest regulatory developments.

In addition, our data feeds can enhance a variety of other solutions, including regulatory risk systems, inventories of rules and compliance portals.

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