Accelus Risk Manager enables organizations to implement an operational risk or enterprise risk appetite framework. Accelus Risk Manager captures information such as incidents, indicators, assessment responses and scenario analysis data in a flexible and connected way. Risk managers can then analyze this risk intelligence and communicate it effectively.
  • Award-winning operational risk solution
  • Able to incorporate almost any risk or control framework
  • Rapid implementation by experienced professional service team
  • Used for Basel II and Solvency II, as well as corporate ERM programs

Accelus Risk Manager will enable your organization to connect its operational risk or enterprise risk appetite frameworks to the key decisions that drive strategic business value enhancement.

By capturing information such as incidents, indicators, assessment responses and scenario analysis data, Accelus Risk Manager enables a holistic approach to measuring and managing risk. By viewing risk through the various lenses of your organization’s different structures and reporting lines, both the cause and impact of a risk can be fully understood.

Built-in Risk Analytics

Risk data housed in Accelus Risk Manager can power stress tests, operational risk capital modeling, scenario analysis and other key risk analytics. Powerful tools, including dashboards and reports, help you drive informed discussions with regulators, senior management and the Board about the impact of risks on your organization. Accelus Risk Manager’s action tracking capabilities ensure that issues or challenges are handled in a connected, efficient manner, further enhancing the business value of risk management in your organization.

Thomson Reuters Accelus Risk Manager helps you to:

  • Manage your organization’s operational risk or enterprise risk appetite
  • Create and capture risk control self-assessments
  • Track incidents and key risk indicators
  • Conduct scenario analysis, stress tests and AMA capital modeling
  • Connect intelligence to risk management activities and track implementation
  • Analyze and report with powerful risk analytics

Creating Risk Intelligence

In today’s risk-intensive environment, often executives feel they are either faced with having too little or too much risk data, making it difficult for them to understand the operational or enterprise risks they face or the environment around those risks. Attempting to manage risk using spreadsheets and text documents alone can often lead to individuals spending most of their time managing the risk information process rather than adding value through analyzing and managing risk itself. By using Accelus Risk Manager, your risk executives can:

  • Understand your risks in the context of your organization
  • Improve communication about risk appetite
  • Provide valuable insights to the business about its risk profile
  • Help your Board understand complex risk choices
  • Improve the management of risk across your organization
  • Create risk context to help senior executives solve challenges

Delivering Risk-based Decisions

Accelus Risk Manager is an integrated part of the Accelus portfolio of solutions, designed to help your organization drive a connected, value-enhancing approach to governance, risk and compliance as well as enterprise risk management. Through this framework, organizations can:

  • Create a connected view of audit, risk and compliance
  • Make audits of the risk function easier and less time-consuming
  • Create closer working relationships on compliance and regulatory risks

Key Features

Key Benefits

Streamlines risk assessment and risk capture processes

Designed to automate the identification and tracking of risks, no matter what risk framework is used. The solution features an assessment library in which all relevant questionnaire templates to assess risks, controls and processes - both qualitatively and quantitatively - are held. You can tailor assessments to meet your organization’s risk identification and tracking processes. Evaluation of risk information is supported through individual parameterized scoring and calculation formulas, as well as the aggregation of assessments.

Tracks material events and risk impacts

Tracks root causes, actual loss events and recovery efforts – supplying quantitative data about the true costs of risks. The system supports freely configurable capture forms for enterprise-wide collection and management of events with monetary and non-monetary losses as well as near misses. Events and effects can be assigned dynamically to any organizational units, processes or business products. The sophisticated workflow capture and validation workflow can be linked to internal management accounting and external loss data sources. It also provides a full audit trail for compliance purposes, while enabling complete management oversight of significant losses.

Drives accountability and visibility with risk indicators

Helps to implement enterprise surveillance and early warning systems for risk, with flexible aggregation of relevant indicators of any type using advanced analytical techniques including Fuzzy Logic. The solution allows you to define indicators and link them to one or many risks, losses, controls, processes and organizational units.

Provides comprehensive reporting and business intelligence

Includes robust reporting features such as dashboards and heat maps that enable at-a-glance executive monitoring of critical risks. The solution comes delivered with a library of standard reports and gives you the ability to create personalized reports with ease.

Integrates with your business environment

All relevant data from third-party systems can be seamlessly imported into Accelus Risk Manager by way of a standard interface. The same applies to sharing of data, for which not only base information, but also computed results can be exported with ease. LDAP synchronization to manage user profiles and rights is fully supported, as is full connectivity to email systems to support the notification process.

Case Study

Leading New Zealand finance house chooses Thomson Reuters Accelus for comprehensive financial crime compliance

"We chose TransWatch because it is a proven and robust system with a rule set that meets the AML/CFT monitoring needs of our business. The data screening through World-Check is also proven and enables us to efficiently comply with aspects of client screening including of PEPs and against sanctions lists."


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