Human networks hide many risks. We expose them. The result is highly structured intelligence profiles of heightened risk individuals and entities globally.
  • 240+ countries and territories covered
  • 100% sanctions, watch and regulatory list coverage
  • Specialist research: Terrorism, Organized Crime, Middle East
  • Extensive global media research; 100,000s sources
  • Satisfy demands for KYC, AML, CFT, PEP due diligence
  • Part of a comprehensive customer due diligence program


A better way to identify financial crime and reputational risk.

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What we do is very different

With hundreds of research analysts based across all global regions and speaking more than 60 local languages, we deliver the widest financial crime related coverage available.

We monitor over 400 sanction, watch and regulatory law and enforcement lists, and hundreds of thousands of information sources, often identifying high-risk entities months or years before they are listed. In fact, in 2012 alone we identified more than 180 entities before they appeared on the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list. World-Check currently exceeds terrorist coverage on the four leading sanctions (OFAC, EU, UN, UK HMT) by more than 70,000 records.

Going far beyond official sources

Information is collated from various authoritative sources, which include:

  • 400+ sanction, watch, regulatory and law enforcement lists
  • Local and international government records
  • Country specific data sources
  • International adverse electronic and physical media searches
  • English and foreign language data sources
  • Relevant industry sources
  • Global compliance databases
  • An extensive network of sources
  • Archived data from our proprietary databases

Advanced features that save time and money

World-Check advanced features increase name matching accuracy and reduce remediation time to support a simplified and accelerated customer due diligence process. In many cases, false positives have been reduced from 30% to 15%.

Features include among others, the sub-classification of PEPs; highlighting native names in 40+ non-Latin scripts; location/country based risk intelligence for AML and Anti-Corruption compliance; and the translation of risk profiles to help compliance departments with multinational staff work faster.

The research process

Risk intelligence is sourced from the public domain, is de-duplicated, structured into individual profiles, and linked where associations or networks occur. As a result, profiles show networks and links to associated entities, not found on official lists. Each action is underpinned by a meticulous, quality-controlled and regulated research process.

Extension, Opt-In Content Sets

Thomson Reuters offers opt-in, extension content that falls within the broader remit of KYC risk intelligence. These sets may not adhere to the World-Check inclusion criteria or go through its research processes, but they effectively support AML/CFT screening efforts to prove due diligence.

Iran Economic Interest (IEI)

Allows customers to screen all of their customers, partners, employees and business transactions for potential Iran sanction risk. Supported by a specialist Iran EDD Report. Avoid unwitting business with Iran to steer clear of sanctions breaches.

Real-Time Sanction Set

For payment processing compliance; designed to be used as part of an automated compliance screening process. It supplies global organizations that screen time-sensitive money transfers and conduct high-speed financial transactions with the most up-to-date sanctions information for fast, reliable screening.


The System for Award Management (SAM) is a US government initiative to consolidate procurement databases, which include lists of excluded and restricted parties. SAM contains organizations and entities that are either restricted or prohibited from doing business with the US government.

Country-Check Intelligence

Detailed risk-based information on more than 240 countries and territories. Divided into criminal, economic, and political factors, it supports AML and Anti-Corruption due diligence.

IHS Maritime Vessel Data

Reveals both the identity, location and ownership structure of a vessel. Includes among others, previous vessel names, current and previous ownership structure and details on all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above, irrespective of their classification.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Truly Global Research

Research hubs in all global regions with research analysts speaking over 60 local languages ensure the best quality intelligence.

Continually updated intelligence

Research conducted 24/7 by hundreds of analysts result in more than 20,000 new profiles and 40,000 updated profiles per month.

Advanced Features

For compliance officers the flow of information that needs to be checked and constantly monitored can be overwhelming. Features assist in streamlining information flow to support smart decision-making, reduce the remediation burden and accelerate the pace of business.

Satisfy regulator demands

Enables compliance with regulatory demands for KYC, AML, CFT and PEP due diligence and offers auditable proof of due diligence.

Early warning system

A large majority of profiles are pre-conviction: individuals involved in criminal proceedings but not yet convicted. Reputation damage is often far worse than the fines issued for non-compliance.

Special Feature

Russia Sanctions Concerns?

With hundreds of new additions to the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) watchlists it is vital that regulated organizations keep abreast of the changes. The burning questions in compliance and financial services circles are how do we comply, how do we avoid conducting business with the wrong people, and those connected to sanctioned entities, how do we know we are not unwittingly doing business with them?

Case Study

Top 10 Reasons for Using World-Check

For organizations concerned with business relationship risk and financial crime compliance, World-Check effectively powers a variety of identity verification, AML/CFT/PEP1 screening and KYC due diligence processes.


Connect | Simplify | Perform: Delivering a Unified Platform Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance

A connected approach to governance, risk and compliance is not just critical to regulatory compliance, it’s also good business practice. The Thomson Reuters Accelus suite streamlines processes and workflow, while connecting disparate silos to form a connected governance, risk and compliance strategy.


Iran - Who Is Steering the Ship?

Compared to strident ideological tone of the previous regime, the election of Hassan Rouhani as President of Iran is likely to lead to a more nuanced style and pragmatic approach, particularly in relation to Iranian nuclear ambitions, its aspiration to dominate its region and fixing its brittle economy and weak currency.


Profit Or Provenance - Or Both?

This paper examines why it is not enough for firms to determine the provenance of the companies and institutional entities with whom they are dealing; they also need to establish the credentials and provenance of the people in the chain.


Insurgency, Instability, Intervention: A snapshot of Mali and the Sahel region threat landscape

This White Paper explains the Mali and the Sahel region threat landscape. While the recent French-led military intervention appears to have forced Islamist militants from their former strongholds in northern Mali, the country's overall security situation is still far from stable.

Product Name

Product Benefits

Accelus World-Check One

Accelus World-Check One combines World-Check risk intelligence with the next generation of automated screening software. Purpose built to maximize World-Check data.

  • cloud-based
  • single name/initial screening
  • ongoing monitoring
  • batch uploads
  • secondary matching
  • case management
  • customizable workflow
  • advanced name matching algorithms
  • filtering
  • advanced administrative and reporting capability
  • high volume client names (100+ million)
  • advanced name matching technology with non-Latin character and translation capabilities
  • MRZ passport verification tool
  • ‘Report Name’ function with direct link to World-Check research
  • a host of reporting options for auditing
World-Check Online

Cloud-based, single name screening application for manual, name-by-name checks against the full World-Check dataset.


  • secondary matching against 30+ identifying fields
  • MRZ passport verification tool
  • adverse media checks with Reuters newsroom
  • the full Country-Check application
  • ‘Report Name’ function with direct link to World-Check research
  • option of several Advanced Features created to optimize the due diligence process
  • advanced name matching technology with non-Latin character and translation capabilities
  • a host of reporting options for proof of due diligence.
Screening Online

Cloud-based, single name screening application for manual, name-by-name checks against specified datasets like World-Check, Iran Economic Interest or IHS Vessel Intelligence.


  • batch upload and ongoing screening facility for up to 1 mil+ records
  • case management
  • adverse media checks with Reuters newsroom
  • advanced name matching technology with non-Latin character capability
  • a host of reporting options for proof of due diligence.
Screening Web Interface

Industry standard SOAP API based on Screening Online

Screening Deployed

Internally installed screening platform that offers comprehensive security and convenience. It fits seamlessly with internal systems and allows for all screening to be completed on site. A powerful combination of World-Check intelligence and optimized, user friendly software, Screening Deployed provides a superior and comprehensive risk management service.


  • case management software solution designed to adapt to regulatory change
  • adaptive rule-based filtering means accurate screening results – spend less time remediating false positive matches
  • Secondary matching
  • PEP Sub-classification and vessel screening ability
  • Boosts workflow efficiency, saves compliance costs
  • Capable of handling large volumes of data
  • For management reporting, the system enables effective summaries of the overall screening process and results, and simplifies preparation of reports on suspicious transactions.
Partner Network Platforms

While Thomson Reuters offers in-house software for World-Check, the data is platform agnostic and is accessed globally through a variety of platforms in our partner software network; each optimized for specific customer needs. Contact us for more information.

Accelus Country-Check

Strengthen existing AML and Anti-Corruption programs with a concise ranking of countries by economic, political and criminal risk factors. The Country-Check application uses 200+ sources of real-time data and enables the FATF recommended risk-based approach by offering an accurate, fact-based view of country risk. Geopolitical risk intelligence is also useful for mergers and acquisitions, the security of a supply chain, cross border expansion and exploration and production.

Screening Resolution Service (SRS)

Optimize your existing compliance resources. SRS offers screening of clients, suppliers and vendors for compliance with AML/CFT, anti-bribery and PEP legislation requirements. Utilizes proprietary Thomson Reuters assets like World-Check, IntegraScreen, Country-Check and a dedicated team of analysts to screen for heightened risk individuals and entities, returning a list of possible and positive matches to your compliance team to remediate.